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We are very excited to announce that iubenda, one of Europe’s leading privacy and compliance tools, decided to join forces with team.blue. iubenda was founded in 2011 in Italy with a clear mission: helping SMEs with attorney-level solutions to make their websites and apps compliant with privacy laws such that the entrepreneurs can focus on their core business. 

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team.blue / iubenda

iubenda is offering several integrated solutions to answer the compliance needs of organizations across multiple languages and legislations on websites and apps. These include solutions on Privacy and Cookie policies, the EU Cookie law, Terms and Conditions, GDPR consent recording and CCPA disclosures, offered at a highly competitive price and through a one-stop shop SaaS compliance multi-national platform. As e-compliance regulation is becoming more and more complex, international solutions such as iubenda will only become more relevant and valuable for companies and individuals who want to be successful online.

iubenda’s HQ is based in Milan, Italy, but the group is already operating on a global scale with a team of nearly 100 across more than 25 different nationalities. The company has about 80,000 customers today, spread over 100+ countries.

Andrea Giannangelo (CEO) and Domenico Vele (CTO), both founders of iubenda, will keep leading the company. They will be supported by the wider team.blue organization, with the aim of consolidating the successful growth story of iubenda and of further accelerating its international expansion in the e-compliance business. As part of this plan, team.blue is looking forward to having its 2.5M+ customers benefit from iubenda’s great services.

Back in 2011, nobody believed how important privacy compliance would become. Yet, we set out to create an online software to help both businesses and individuals to deal with the requirements and, thanks to the relentless work of every single member of our team, established a strong presence in this now-huge market. Consent banner, privacy policy and T&Cs are today part of the base web / mobile toolkit, just like domain names and hosting. That’s why with team.blue, it was an instant click and the value of a common journey was clear from the beginning. Our strong joint entrepreneurial spirit, culture fit and common European roots did the rest. It’s with excitement that I celebrate that we are joining forces and set out to mutually strengthen our leading positions in the years to come. Andrea Giannangelo, CEO iubenda
Over the past 20 years, team.blue has become the leading digital enabler for SMEs across Europe. A digital powerhouse offering domains, hosting and related services to 2.5M+ European SME’s and now present in more than 18 countries. Today, we are expanding our product offering further into new adjacent territories so that we can continue to grow together with our customers and remain their trusted partner for being successful online. Therefore I am very glad to do this together with iubenda, by supporting a great team of internet entrepreneurs. Jonas Dhaenens, CEO team.blue
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Sellers have been advised by Klecha & Co. No further details about this transaction will be made available. For more information about this press release, please contact press@team.blue.

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