TransIP Group takes over Spango Internet

Today, we welcome a new player within TransIP Group: Spango Internet! This internet solutions provider, founded in 2003, is primarily focused on the business market and provides its customers with total solutions for hosting business-critical services and office outsourcing. Spango Internet specializes in Private and VMware cloud solutions, web hosting, domain names and services such as Hosted Exchange, Office 365 and Cloud Harddrive.

Spango Internet also includes the brands "We Are Online" which offers similar services and hosting provider "Robohost".

The services and customers will be fully integrated into Proserve and VDX, which have been part of TransIP Group since August 2018. With the integration of Spango Internet, the leading position in the national IT market is strengthened and current customers will have access to a broader product portfolio.

About TransIP Group

TransIP Group offers managed and unmanaged internet and connectivity services from her branches in The Netherlands. Its brand portfolio includes trusted brands like TransIP, Proserve, Signet, CloudVPS and VDX. The credo of TransIP Group is to ‘Make Advanced Simple’, which it does for more than 400.000 customers so that they can excel in their digital existence.

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