Danhost becomes part of Zitcom Group

Danish hosting company Danhost is now a part of Zitcom Group, which already counts brands such as UnoEuro, Wannafind, ScanNet and Cloud.dk. With the transaction, Zitcom Group expands its position as the leading hosting provider for Danish small and medium-sized enterprises.

The hosting group Zitcom Group has made a strategic acquisition of Danhost, which since 1997 has provided hosting solutions to a wide range of entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises.

The transaction means that Stefan Rosenlund, CEO of Zitcom Group, takes over all managerial responsibilities for Danhost and the company's employees.

Jesper Dalgaard, founder and now former CEO of Danhost, continues in Zitcom Group in a new role and is pleased by the fact that Danhost, under the new ownership, will have even better opportunities to offer quality services at competitive prices.

Zitcom Group and Danhost have many things in common - both in terms of our culture, our values ​​and the way we operate. That Danhost becomes part of the Zitcom Group is therefore a natural and right step - both for me as owner and for Danhost as a business. Zitcom Group has unparalleled knowledge of the Danish hosting market and has the technical and financial resources needed to give Danhost many happy customers an even better hosting experience.

Jesper Dalgaard, former CEO Danhost

Zitcom Group CEO Stefan Rosenlund also welcomes the transaction and the prospect of continuing the growth of the Danish hosting market in collaboration with Jesper Dalgaard and the rest of Danhost's skilled employees.

Danhost fits perfectly into Zitcom's portfolio of hosting companies, as they, like the rest of Zitcom Group, have built their business on a strong combination of skilled customer service, technical know-how, a sustainable economy and always with a strong focus on the customer. In Zitcom Group, our goal is to be the preferred supplier for SMEs that move their businesses online. With the addition of Danhost, we will have the change of working with even more small and medium-sized companies. I am looking forward to getting to know them and help them with even better hosting solutions together with Danhost's skilled employees.

Stefan Rosenlund, CEO Zitcom Group
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