Combell completes acquisition of Dutch hosting provider Webscale

Dutch-based Webscale has been acquired by Combell. Webscale specialises in hosting services (mainly for websites using Drupal CMS), and its customer base includes several Dutch municipalities. Webscale will integrate its services into Combell and disappear as an independent brand over time.

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Niche player with solid track record


Tilburg-based hosting provider Webscale specialises in fast and reliable hosting of Drupal websites, Drupal for municipalities (DVG), DevOps and OTAP environments, Piwik and various PHP platforms. With over 10 years of experience in these areas, Webscale’s customer base includes many Dutch municipalities, which are mainly hosted on Drupal platforms.


The growing demand for infrastructure scalability, more stringent security requirements (such as ISO certification) and 24/7 availability makes it increasingly challenging for Webscale to provide suitable solutions. In order for the business to be able to grow along with all these developments in the future, it is necessary to operate on a larger scale.


This is why the takeover by Combell is the next logical step in Webscale’s plans.


Webscale always endeavours to provide custom solutions tailored to the demands of our customers. We believe that Combell will continue down this path and further improve our solutions.  Sebastiaan Tesink, owner of Webscale


Continued growth within Combell


The Webscale brand will be integrated into Combell over time. All the products, such as hosting accounts and cloud servers, will be integrated into Combell’s platforms. This ensures and guarantees Webscale customers that a smooth transition will occur and that they will be able to continue to grow on one of Europe’s most reliable and largest hosting and server platforms.


In addition, Combell also provides many other hosting-related services, and is therefore a one-stop shop for all kinds of IT services for the customers of Webscale. Just like Webscale, Combell believes in the importance of personal contact and custom solutions. Customers will therefore immediately feel very welcome in their new environment.


Webscale customers can rest assured that Combell will provide them with a custom solution, while offering a personal approach. They were already used to this at Webscale, and things are not going to change any time soon. Frederik Poelman, Managing Director at Combell

In the next few weeks, Webscale customers will receive further information about when and how the integration into Combell will be managed for their personal environment.

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