Combell acquires Openminds

Combell, the Belgian market leader in hosting services, takes over Ghent-based Openminds. Openminds is most renowned for its tailored server management services. Together, they will continue to develop Combell’s DevOps approach.

Openminds has built its reputation through a strong focus on server management, often completely tailored to the customers’ needs. The team, which comprises 21 collaborators, works mainly for web agencies and large companies with high standards of tailored solutions, flexibility and availability. Combell, the Belgian market leader in hosting services, has now taken over Openminds.

DevOps ideology in the DNA of Openminds

Combell sees a clear market development where projects benefit from a 'DevOps' approach. This is an approach in which the application of the customer is approached from both the development and the operational viewpoints. The combination of both visions with a DevOps mindset makes it possible to build more reliable applications and guarantees faster delivery.


This approach, which is in Openminds’ DNA, is fully in line with the DevOps ideology that Combell also pursues. The expertise brought by Openminds allows us to take this approach even further. In addition, it will speed up many automation projects for delivery and maintenance of platforms for various customers.

By joining Combell, Openminds will be able to focus even more on its strengths. As a result, we will be able to provide an even better service to our customers. Thanks to Combell’s expertise, they will also benefit from many new products.

Frank Louwers, business manager at Openminds

Intense collaboration between Combell and Openminds

Openminds and Combell both see a particularly bright future ahead. The teams of both companies will get to know each other in the next few months and will develop a long-term cooperation plan.

The knowledge that Openminds has acquired over the past years is a perfect addition for Combell. Together, we will be able to take application management to the next level.

Frederik Poelman, Managing Director SME at Intelligent

For now, the Openminds brand will continue to exist. The current business managers, Frank Louwers and Bernard Grymonpon, will remain in charge of the daily management of the business.

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