CEO Jonas Dhaenens crowned ICT Personality of the Year

On 12 May, the Belgian IT magazine Data News announced that Jonas Dhaenens, the CEO of Combell Group, was crowned ICT Personality of the Year. He is the youngest-ever winner of the title and won it against CEOs of Belgium’s largest companies.

Every year, the Belgian IT magazine Data News hands out 14 awards in different categories to outstanding Belgian companies, for their excellent performance. And only one special prize, the “ICT Personality of the Year” award, is handed out every year to an exceptional entrepreneur who has made a significant contribution to the Belgian IT sector.

During the gala dinner that was held on 12 May, Jonas Dhaenens, the CEO of Combell Group, won this title as the youngest-ever winner.


It is truly an honour to be recognised as Data News ICT Personality of the Year among other big names from the world of IT. For this prestigious title, Jonas had many CEOs of large and renowned companies as opponents, like Dominique Leroy of Proximus, John Porter of Telenet or Pieterjan Bouten of Showpad.

Combell also won the Data Center Award for Excellence

Jonas Dhaenens, IT entrepreneur at heart


Back when he was only twelve, he already wanted to be an entrepreneur, and on his sixteenth birthday, he had already come up with the name of his future company: Combell. At that time, Jonas did not really know what his company would become, but he wanted it to be “something that relates to computers”, and to “Belgium”. And, as a young teenager, with the reward that he received from his father for his excellent school grades, he registered his own domain name.


Seventeen years later, Jonas runs a well-balanced, diversified hosting group. Combell Group, whose portfolio includes brands like Combell and Sentia, is active in Belgium and the Netherlands. The group currently employs almost 350 staff and had a turnover of 59 million euros in 2015.


Please visit Combell’s blog for further information about Jonas.

Cover photo: Eric Chareneux – Eventattitude

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